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Equity First Alliance and besito have partnered to create A Record Shouldn’t Last A Lifetime, a powerful campaign featuring advocates, formerly incarcerated individuals, and their family members, amplifying the voices of those impacted by the war on drugs. The stories were captured from the Equity First Alliance community, putting an intimate and human face to those who have been most harmed, by telling their personal stories. 

The campaign is a call to action advocating for widespread implementation of automated expungement and for expanded eligibility for expungement. We are urging every state to implement speedy, accessible, and thorough processes to automatically expunge the records of all who are eligible. A record shouldn’t last a lifetime. 

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Beyond the campaign, besito has committed to corporate social responsibility by providing sponsorship to National Expungement Week and donating 1% of all profits to Equity First Alliance, which will continue to support our ongoing initiatives.



“I was 18, I was young when I got the felony and for the past 10 years its been a part of my life and kept me away from fully integrating back into society. Until I got my record expunged I couldn’t go to school and I couldn’t get a job, it haunted me for awhile. When I had my record expunged the feeling was amazing, that I had another opportunity to change my life and to make my daughter proud.”

Mauro, 29, Inglewood, CA

Watch the video for Mauro’s story.



“Less than an ounce of weed could cost you the rest of your life. When someone is convicted of a cannabis crime they lose access to government funded education, housing, resources, they lose access to time— one of our most valuable resources we can never get back.”

DeJanae, 27, South Central LA

Watch the video for DeJanae’s story.



“We live in a world where we don’t allow people to have second chances. I think about food in my nephews mouth I think about the stigma my sister has had to face. My nephew is going to struggle because my sister has a record. She can’t provide the way she wants to provide for my nephew ” 

Tauheedah, 23 + Hafsa, 22, South Central LA

Watch the video for Hafsa & Tauheedah’s story.



“You go to a different world when you go to jail and you have no way of getting counseling or of getting help. I consider cannabis a drug of healing. My hope in the way I see weed being legal is to make a change. To stop the violence. That’s the future.”

Christian, 26, Highland Park LA

Watch the video for Christian’s story.


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